About us

Our name reflects the importance we place on moving forward with you.




We have a strong philosophy that drives our interactions with each other and the people we work with, striving to create an environment where all people feel empowered to move forward.


Co Motion was formed in 2000, with Katherine Mennie, an experienced and well-respected Occupational Therapist bringing with her experience as a private practitioner for many years.


Co Motion have a proven track record in working with a range of organisations to support them in managing the health and well-being of their teams, in supporting individuals to remain in, or return to work following injury or illness.


Leanne Miller
Occupational Therapist

Leanne graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) from AUT in 2007 and has been part of the Co Motion team since then.  Leanne has extensive experience in vocational rehabilitation and is a highly skilled and well respected occupational therapist. She has a passion for working with varied client groups, and in particular,  supporting clients with a concussion to return to work.


Katherine Mennie
Occupational Therapist

Katherine is a practising clinician and founder of Co Motion. She has more than 22 years in vocational rehabilitation and has a passion for empowering individuals to return to, remain in or regain the capacity for work. Katherine's expertise includes skills in supporting clients with varied musculoskeletal presentations, pain and illness that impact on an individual's functioning.

Katherine also leads and supports the team to deliver a 'person-centric' rehabilitation approach. To compliment her Occupational Therapy Qualification, Katherine has a Post Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation from Otago University and trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Meet the team


Shweta Dewan
Occupational Therapist

Shweta began training as an Occupational therapist in New Deli, 18 years ago. Shweta has broad experience with a focus on vocational rehabilitation.  She has a particular skill in working with our corporate clients to support their staff to work well and in managing pain and discomfort and with sound skills in ergonomics. Shweta has a postgraduate paper in biomechanics from AUT and is embarking on further study.


Ruth Blackwood
Practice Manager

Ruth joined the Co Motion team in early 2018 and is invaluable to the smooth running of the practice. She brings a passion for health and wellness and has a background in sports administration and office management and coordination.